Selfie Mirror Hire

Selfie Mirror experience is about to start….. 3…..2….1… Scroll!

Selfie Mirror 1

So how does the Selfie Mirror Work?

Selfie Mirrors can work in many ways. Here is a sample-

  • Guests touch The Mirror .
  • Animations play to guide them to touch the screen to start the Selfie Mirror.
  • In between each photo there is different animations so the Selfie Mirror experience changes every time.
  • When the photos have been taken your guests approach the mirror to leave a signature or message which appears on the photos.
  • Photos print very quickly!

Why hire a Selfie Mirror for my Wedding or Corporate event?

  • It’s a totally new. Your guests my not have seen before at other weddings or events.
  • Screen shows guests in real time interacting with the booth
  • Touch screen interface used to start the booth and signing photos
  • All the equipment is hidden and looks stylish
  • Full body photos.
  • Can be set up in 10 minutes which reduces any disruption at your event
  • Green Screen technology available which means any type of backgrounds can be added to your image.

How is Selfie Mirror Booth different to competitors ?

  • We develop our own additional services e.g Augmented Reality.
  • Full in house design of bespoke artwork tailored to your event.
  • Part of a large network of top rated suppliers for additional backup.
  • Our prices include everything. No hidden costs.
  • Full public liability insurance.
  • Amazing display of props for use on the night.
  • Plus many more features…

More information available at

Whats the difference between a Magic Mirror and a Selfie one?

Nothing! They are the same thing. “Magic Mirror” has been used to describe the product amongst some suppliers. However through research we have found that the equipment used , does the exact same thing.

Selfie Mirror
Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

The different software that is used in the mirrors tho can be quite different. We at Selfie Mirror Booth believe, through research, that we have carefully selected the best on the market and is supplied by Their quality and constant development is outstanding . This is what we expect and this is whats constantly delivered from them.

Photo Booth

The Mirror is growing more popular amongst clients. Long gone are the days where gusts crowd into a small space , all trying to get into the camera range. Thats the Magic of the Mirror! Big open spaces for many people to fit in. Sure at one event we had up to 20 people in one picture.!


Did we mention Keyrings?

Part of our standard service includes key rings for your guests at your event.